Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Long time no see!

Hello Beauties!

        I have been SOOO busy! I got a second job and have been figuring out my new busy schedule! I also found out that I got the lucky opportunity to go to Florida in June!! I am so excited, I can't even put it into words!! So I will be having beach and summer blogs coming soon as I do DIY's and beach makeup looks for you guys! I hope you are excited as I am for this beach/summer series. I am going to go ahead and end this blog with a new nail polish line at the drugstore that I am super excited about! Since I am going to Florida in June, I put myself on a makeup no buy. (Let's hope I can stand a week of that!) Back to the nail polish! Hard Candy recently came out with a new collection of their nail polishes and they are AMAZING and only $4! A couple weeks ago I noticed the collection at Walmart and decided to take pictures to show you guys so you could go and enjoy these beautiful and unique colors. I haven't tried them yet but I want them all! So go check them out at Walmart! Let me know which ones you try or have tried! Also I will be having a haul within the next couple days of the new items I purchased (before makeup no buy). I hope you guys are excited for my new series of beach/summer looks, DIY's, tips, etc!
Have a great week ladies!

Here are the new nail polishes from Hard Candy:


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